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Meet The Maker: Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm shares his journey and thought processes on starting NowOpenSunday from diving into ceramics in 2020. Now a business venture for him, Malcolm responds to a Q&A about the ins and outs of his entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship 101: Capitalize On Your Natural Talents

I had the pleasure of asking Angella Watterson, Founder of Angelope Design, a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey as a designer and illustrator. Based in Seattle, WA, Angella creates beautiful, bright, fun greeting cards that literally fly off the table whenever I participate at vendor pop ups.

As a solopreneur (a one-woman show), running her business end to end, there is definitely sound advice that Angella offers those who are looking to capitalize on their talents in this Q&A!

Profit-sharing with Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Thanks to your recent purchases, we’ve been able to profit-share $100 with Indigenous Circle of Wellness this week! The donations that ICOW receives helps pay for mental health services for individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford the care.

Why The Hashtag #StopAsianHate Is Problematic

What may have started as genuine concern for the AAPI community and a desire to create action-oriented goals, the Stop Asian Hate “movement”, if that’s what we’re calling it, has actually turned into a huge distraction from the root of the problem, and a disturbingly large marketing ploy that has fueled social media posts and “solidarity” in the form of online advertising by the same companies that supported BLM with cringe-worthy rhetoric.