Black History is American History

A collaborative t-shirt with Korean-owned, Los Angeles based menswear brand ONYRMRK and The Frequency House.

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    Shopping here directly supports people of color because all of the brands are Minority-owned!

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    Founded by Korean-American solopreneur Lauryn Lee whose passion is curating unique products from up and coming brands.

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    Exclusive, thoughtful items with the best ingredients, and founders with amazing stories.

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Hi there.

However you stumbled upon my shop, I'm just so grateful that you're here. That you're even considering using your hard-earned dollars on products that People of Color have brought to life.

It's a conscious decision to bypass the convenience and in-your-face ads that corporations can afford, and support these brands + my shop instead.

Your purchases keep me motivated. And every single interaction I have with my customers energizes me. ☄️

For that, I'm grateful and excited about this solopreneur journey.

With Love,