Chartel Findlater, Founder of GOLD+WATER CO.
Chartel Findlater is a triple threat--professional singer, music educator, and small business owner. From the dust of an extremely difficult time period in her life, which included an abusive relationship, GOLD+WATER CO. was born as a beautiful testimony of Chartel’s perseverance, strength, and appreciation of self care.

GOLD+WATER CO. is a boutique soapery and wellness brand based in Philadelphia, PA. With handcrafted soaps speckled in gold and body butters that make your skin feel like silk, GOLD+WATER CO. provides the tools for self love.

On self care, Chartel believes that it "is the act of carefully and intentionally nurturing yourself. Caring for yourself allows you the awareness, the space, and the tools, to experience and learn from every aspect of life.”


How we treat ourselves physically can many times affect the emotional, psychological, and spiritual parts of us. Chartel elaborates on this connection between how we treat our bodies and healing:

“I realized that the one place in my own life where I felt most safe and at peace was in my bathroom. Adding simple habits, like intentionally stopping to apply a nice lotion, became meaningful moments of self-care and healing. I started the company when I realized that other people, regardless of their state in life, might want to experience a sense of relaxation in the same way.”

Besides offering lovely products to look at, Chartel wants her customers to be able to look in the mirror and say to themselves “You are the luxury”.


As an entrepreneur, Chartel makes an important point that “as an artist, I tend to like to focus on the creative, tangible, presentational aspects of entrepreneurship, but contending with the business aspect and numbers is a challenge as well.”

Although it may be difficult to prosper within the small business community in large cities such as Philadelphia, Chartel wants other small business owners to know, “I have always felt like there was room for me to share, and I hope that others feel that I encourage and hold space for them as well.”

On the flip side, Chartel’s interactions with her customers, who come from a plethora of different walks of life, keep her pressing forward on this journey. She also positions her business as an exciting opportunity to challenge herself to see how far it can grow.

Currently, Chartel is moving out of her humble basement workshop. She will be significantly increasing productivity and storage capability. In other words--leveling up!


“There is space in the world for you and your gift. Find your lane, your area of expertise, and maximize its potential. Don’t be swayed to change by what you see others doing.”


You can find selected items from GOLD+WATER CO. in the Self Love Collection Friday Feb 12th!

Written by Lauryn Lee
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