Profit-sharing with Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Thanks to your recent purchases, we’ve been able to profit-share $100 with Indigenous Circle of Wellness this week!

Indigenous Circle of Wellness was founded in 2018 by Monique Castro (Diné/Xicana), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and is located in Southeast Los Angeles. The private practice was created in response to the need for non-institutionalized healing spaces and mental health providers supporting Native, Indigenous and People of Color.

The donations that ICOW receives helps pay for mental health services for individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford the care.

All of the wellness providers and administrative staff are women of color.

Indigenous Circle of Wellness describes their practice:

“We encourage healing that centers the ancestral wisdom and cultural practices from our own lineages, reclaiming the healing practices of our ancestors. We acknowledge our interconnections to all that has been created in this life and the unseen world. Our reverence for ancestral teachings, include creation stories, a deep respect for Mother Earth, Father Sky, the four winds/directions and the elements of water, fire, earth, and wind to allow us to find balance as they are our greatest teachers.”

The Frequency House is committed to continue profit-sharing with BIPOC organizations. Thank you for purchasing from my small business and supporting its mission!

If you are seeking mental health services, check out ICOW's site at

You can continue donating to ICOW at this link.

With love,

Written by Lauryn Lee
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